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I backpacked through Europe in the mid 1980s. Sadly never got to go to Czechoslovakia due to it being behind the iron curtain. I managed to get into Romania for a few days, but no sex encounters despite tons of hot women. The countries that were the easiest to score in were Spain and Germany. England was a distant third, but had the most experiences in Spain. Spanish women are unbelievably horny and truly incredible in bed. Germany was also a hotbed of horny women, but could be hit or miss in some areas.
Guys come down to reality !  This is just porn video  with payed actres .  Of course if you ask 100 girls, you may have luck that one goes with you and have sex with you, but like in these porn videos thats not true !  That's  just a Mans dream that every second or third woman would have sex with some stranger, oh I forgot stranger with cam who record all that !  If you really belive that, than you look too much porn  hahaha
Everyone enjoys sex just many are conditioned to reject those interested in sex with them or to deny they’re horny. Doesn’t matter how big the dick is if it fucks good they would never know 
The women are very pretty but the guy is an asshole. If I ever met him I'd cut his dick off!!
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